‘Tis the Season for Lobster

We are blessed to reside in a beautiful part of the world where lobster is ‘in season’ all but approximately ten days out of the year. May, however is one of our favourite times because the ‘setting days’ on the Northumberland Strait have arrived … Boats and fishers are ready to take to their territories.

And, oh, how we love lobster! Frigid water, hard shelled, goodness from the sea! At home, we like to steam these precious morsels to perfection. Not an ounce of succulent meat goes under utilized. The initial feast is typically served up warm, with drawn butter and fresh lemon. The accompaniments can vary … Warm green vegetables or a hearty fresh salad.

Day two, we usually remove the remaining meat and enjoy with simple white or Champagne vinegar, fresh herbs and a creamy potato salad.

Then the real work begins … The stock! The shells are roasted with a minimal amount of oil until browned. Then we add finely chopped carrot, onion, bay leaf and fresh thyme, a generous amount of Sherry, toasted garlic to create a fine mixture of flavours and allow it to reduce, stovetop for about two hours.

This delectable combination is then strained and separated and we are left with the beginnings of an amazing lobster bisque! Support your local purveyors and embrace the glorious month of May with your own lobster feed!

Yours truly, Marilyn