A Bridal Affair


Do you remember the first wedding that you attended?

The most enjoyable wedding? The most beautiful wedding? The most memorable wedding? A ceremony of marriage that touched you in a way that you will carry for all of your days? Stop and think … Then I will tell you my thoughts.

The first wedding that I attended was that of my Aunt and Uncle, in a rural Church in Nova Scotia. It’s was a painful experience for me. Not because the day was anything short of beautiful and joyous on every level. Attendants were fetchingly dressed, both handsome and elegant. It was a happy day and the couple have celebrated their 44th anniversary just recently. I was the flower girl … The reluctant flower girl! My Mother hand crafted a perfectly sweet frock for me from her own wedding dress … It was divine! I felt like a small angel … Until it was time to walk down the aisle with family members that suddenly became strangers to me. Stage fright, I suppose … And ask any family member now, I quickly got over it, but unfortunately, not on their special day.

Since then, my husband and I have attended countless weddings. I am no longer shy about them, I love the details and he is a master matrimonial choreographer. We are Cocoa Pesto and we love weddings! Click here to visit our Catering Site. We were married on my birthday and he orchestrated the entire day. What was played as a surprise birthday party became a jubilant celebration of our unison, with a claw foot tub full of bubbly, a vast array of companions and abundant feasting!  That was twenty years ago and we haven’t slowed down since!

January can be a month for reflecting and plotting and scheming. I want to take the liberty of reminiscing about just some of the amazing weddings that we have had the privilege of being part of … And sadly, I can’t include them all.

I’ll keep it brief … And those of you out there will know who you are! Whether you participated, attended, were support staff or even just innocent bystanders.

  • The first wedding we catered together in Toronto, circa 1997 … Sweet couple, back yard, garden affair. I rushed out to buy linen shirts so that we all looked like a professional catering company … The shirts were purple!
  • Opera singer’s marriage and I didn’t wrap the Champagne cork upon opening … Goose egg on the chin for the service.
  • Hunting Camp in New Brunswick: no running water or power, breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night snacks! Awesome! Flag football!
  • Lobster boil on the beach, we forgot the propane … Drift wood and sea water, worked well! The lugging was no picnic!
  • Ceremony on the beach and the van, full of food was stuck in the sand, needless to say, Mother of the groom was panicked. The bridal party pushed us out!
  • South End Halifax, February wedding: I went out to replenish wine and the ceremony commenced, stayed outside until the vows were completed. Chilled!
  • Saint Margaret’s Bay: Great Dane was the ring bearer, ate most of the hors d’oeuvres before the bride arrived! We scrambled!

These are some of our favourite memories of how quick a caterer must be to “make the show go on” and we have loved every minute and learned a great deal when it comes to making these events “more than special” for everyone involved.

I can’t begin to express the joy and heartfelt pleasure that all of the brides and grooms and families and friends have provided us with during the past twenty years. Like I said, you know who you are … Don’t hesitate to share your memories with us!


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