Super Bowl 50! In it for the Food!

Super Bowl

Broncos or Panthers on February 7th?

Let me begin by stating that I am self diagnosed, impious and wavering imbecile when it comes to football. Sure, I’ll watch the half time, if I like the band and I must confess that all national anthems make me a bit teary eyed … But for me, the reason that Super Bowl exists is for the FOOD!  Label me a fair weather fan, a non believer, a bandwagon cheerleader, an armchair aficionado, a fraud that rallies for the team closest in proximity, regionally to where I am living at the time … All I care about is the food.

Upon endless interrogations of both family, friends and fans, over the years … I am not alone. In 1977, my dear Uncle tried, in the most patient of manners to explain the rules of the game to me. The teams were the Oakland Raiders and the Minnesota Vikings and the Super Bowl was played in Pasadena, California. I listened carefully to the articulated series of regulations laid out before me. I tried to remain keenly interested and convincingly aware of the rapid moves across the television screen, and then, amidst all the chaos, a Disney presentation of “It’s a Small World” lit up the screen and recaptured my attention as generous plates of potato salad, devilled eggs and chilled lobster meat, sandwiched between slices of soft white bread and crispy iceberg lettuce were presented to all in attendance.Small World

I loved the music, devoured the delicious morsels and imagined, with great excitement what it would be like to visit California and Minnesota. Then, I realized that the game was still on and I still wasn’t picking up on the momentum like the true fans in the energized living room that all seemed to ‘get it’? Football?

Since that time, I have ‘witnessed’ many Super Bowl games. I’m not certain that I am ever aware of how the points are tallied, but I always make it a point to know where the teams are from and where the match is being played, what time it begins and what my menu will be when the half time show commences!

Super Bowl, 1986: the Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots. Wynton Marsalis and a hearty bowl of spicy, homemade chili, white rolls, baked honey garlic wings and savoury, cheese laden lasagna with garlic bread. What a feast! At the end of the evening, as we bid farewell to numerous guests, no one was even sure that the Bears had won.

Super Bowl 2001: Baltimore Ravens and the New York Giants … My husband and I made our signature, apple wood smoked, pork on our kettle smoker. We brought oodles of soft cheese and warm sourdough bread, some roasted garlic Caesar salad, and house poached shrimp with our own horseradish, cocktail sauce. Superb! Backstreet Boys, Britney, Blige and Aerosmith were awesome! I can honestly say that only three of twenty-one in attendance, could name those two teams.

Britney Spears and Steven Tyler at the Half Time Show
Britney Spears and Steven Tyler at the Half Time Show

This may be a reflection of the circles that I travel in … More about the party than the sport? My conclusions … There is something for everyone on Super Bowl Sunday. Whether it’s the competition, the players, the music, the dedication, loyalty and support for a team and the sport or most importantly … Bringing companions together to ‘break bread’ and share a fun fuelled evening.

Yes, the Broncos and Panthers will be playing on six different screens at Cocoa Pesto and no, I haven’t checked the half time gig yet … But the food will be divine! See you there!

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