Valentine’s Day in the Hospitality Industry!

Lovebirds Welcome!

Valentine’s Day!

‘Twas the week before Valentine’s and all through the house, reservations were thought to have been made, but for sure, no one knows.

Unlike any other ‘date of significance’ on the calendar year, the lead up to Valentine’s Day is a period of speculation, anticipation and secrecy. Birthdays of momentous value can evoke similar behavioural patterns, but they do not occur every year in February.

Let’s consider this time of year. Many people are preoccupied with heavy workloads, whether it be employment related or educational, then add family to the mix, the hours of sunlight are increasing and we are all awaiting Spring and trips that are being expertly plotted, even just for the sake of imagination. What better time to throw in a day to celebrate your loved one?

I cannot say that I have a favourite Valentine’s Day. You see in the hospitality industry, they become rather ‘Groundhog Day like’ … Somewhat repetitious and frantically sublime. Lovebirds welcome. In the restaurant world, you will be exposed to having to strategically hide that peculiar piece of jewelry in the perfectly presented dessert that everyone is too full to eat, and if your timing is even slightly off, you will be witness to a personal moment whereby you are convincing yourself that the couple at hand really wanted to share that awkward declaration with you and it will remain with you for all time. People fall in love right before your eyes. Sometimes it can bring you to tears. I have witnessed and participated in many such fleeting and everlasting love stories. I feel blessed to be a tiny piece of them all. Who can resist romanticism?

So when I hear from you this week, because you were sure that the flowers were already ordered and the reservation was already made, please remember we all share these special memories together and your table is waiting.

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