Snow is a Maritime Fact of Life!


A Maritime fact of life … We ‘get snow’ on oodles of knuckle gripping levels. We ‘get’ that it playfully chills us and it gleefully forces us to relinquish even the most detailed and organized plans of a well prepared day. Its mysterious ability to manifest our deepest, secret desire to play the ever so innocent victim of circumstance, almost always comes as an unusual surprise?

Sweeping statements like: “I had no idea that we would get so much” … “I can’t believe they canceled school today” … “The drive home was treacherous”.

We ‘get snow’ because it’s winter in our hemisphere and it’s an affliction associated with our regional locale. We embrace it! Snow forces us to be impromptu … Carefree and accepting of change. Willingly and sometimes reluctantly, our days take on new and unforeseen adventures.

Grab a camera, a shovel, your board, skies, sleds, snowshoes, a carrot, top hat and lump of coal and enjoy every uniquely formed flake!

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