Best Bed Lunch

Best Bed Lunch

If you are familiar with this term, you have some deeply embedded connection to The Maritimes. Bed Lunch … You know what I’m talking about? That extravagant nosh just before sleep. Contrary to almost all food proper literature … It makes preposterous sense to indulge in an unnecessary feast before bedtime. I quite literally asked my cousin only moments ago … “Quick, … favourite bed lunch?” He rapid fired with “anything handy”. 

That’s the beauty of Bed Lunch … Spontaneous and practical. Just a little something to get you through the night. Well executed, even the most contrary of overtired children can be persuaded to head to bed graciously and willingly with a tantalizing Bed Lunch. The only components required … Sweet, salty, a little touch of fat and a dash of acidity and you’re golden! That’s really all our tastebuds demand … Throughout the years, we don’t really veer from the combo.

It’s simple comfort food procured with tasty gains. Selfish indulgence? Bribery? Perhaps. Often administered by loving Grandparents or frustrated babysitters, (rarely practical parents) … Bed Lunch conjures up heart warming memories that touch on all our senses:

The alluring buttery scent of corn popping

the lava-like movement of smooth peanut butter between layers of crisp toast and tart strawberry jam, the aged cheddar grilled cheese sandwich, copiously flowing on a warm plate, that you are certain you can tackle, only to be defeated by “I’m full up to here”.

What’s your favourite Bed Lunch? We’d love to hear the ones that stood out most to you and what makes them distinct. 

One thought on “Best Bed Lunch

  1. In Newfoundland we have what’s just called lunch which is not at noon but just before we go to bed. It is not the food I remember but watching my aunt and uncle setting up the table as if another meal was coming but only to have either some crackers, a piece of toast or any leftover sweets from the day. It was also a great time to go over what we had on the go the next day.
    They are now in their 80s and every time I go to visit they still get set up for lunch. Even though I don’t partake in eating, I still sit down with them to tell stories and have a few final laughs of the day.

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