Foraging for Foder

 This is hospitality code for vacation.

Yes, believe it or not, we do work every day. Call it a labour of love, an expedited route to mental exhaustion or just the everlasting quest for that next great explosion of flavour. We, ‘restaurant people’ are a rare breed. We don’t sleep much, we are privileged with the exposure to many delectable treats that others, in our circles, never have the pleasure (sometimes, displeasure) of sampling and we are thirsty! Thirsty for knowledge and that next great fix!

So thirsty! We soak up stolen recipes, traditional concoctions and any culinary notion that can be manipulated into something fresh and new! And yes,
…And if we didn’t work the long hours that we do … We’d all be much larger and less productive. This is our world. In order to fuel this insane pattern of debauchery, a certainamount of curiosity and research is involved.

That’s why a cautiously plotted excursion is crucial for our meer, competitive survival. We hunt, scavenge and scheme to remain sane. You could call it a sabbatical in other fields, or an educational period for research. It’s IMG_3100time well spent and it’s always shared! That’s the timeless beauty of food and drink … It’s commemorative and communal. It touches on every aspect of life … Geographical, historical and physiological, to name a few. 

So for all of you planted firmly in March break, Spring cleaning and tax time … All the best. See you shortly with clever new ideas, constructed and deconstructed recipes and of course, a little more knowledge and sunshine than before!

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