El Fogon Tantalizes!

El Fogon Tantalizes!

El Fogon Restaurant in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, is very well known for serving up rich, local food that is packed with flavours typical of homemade Belizean food. The best part is the authentic smokey taIMG_7726ste of the fire hearth that is infused in most of the dishes they prepare. The wood of choice is mangrove, carefully harvested, small coastal trees that thrive in brackish water.

Cooking on an outside fire hearth (fogon) is what makes the restaurant stand out amongst the rest on the island. It’s one of the best places to enjoy local food unique to Belize in San Pedro. 

ExtremelIMG_7787y gracious proprietors, Olive and Luis Dominguez pamper their guests with heartfelt joy and memorable morsels. Recipes are shared, cooking methods and ingredient lists are discussed and all questions are happily answered by this hard working duo. Coupled with the intoxicatingly aroma wafting from the rustic wood stove, the eclectic array of fresh meat, fish and vegetables, it’s easy to become quite comfortable here. Colourfully inventive, tiny washrooms are worthy of view. The dining area is peppered with delicate slips of Bird of Paradise and striking, crimson stems of ginger.  

Then comes the food! The menu is extensive. A variety of ceEl Fogonviches and salbutes (stuffed tortillas), grilled meat and seafood, fire hearth stews, coconut curries and fried, whole fish are featured daily. Some specials include: Belican (local beer) fried chicken, succulently simmered deer meat, tender gibnut (the Royal rodent, served to Queen Elizabeth during a visit to Belize) and escabeche, a traditional soup made with fresh jalapeño, onions and corn tortilla. Common refreshing accompa
niments such as watermelon juice, lime aid, fresh ginger mojitos, mango smoothies, and pomegranate margaritas quench a tropical thirst.

Warm, white sand, tranquil breezes and gentle, turquoise waves surround a perfect lunch destination. Visit El Fogon! 

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