Marilyn’s Winter Soup

Winter Soup 2016, the year of the $9.00 cauliflower? How can one justify turning this nutritious little nugget into soup? The answer of course, because it’s tastes so amazing, hearty, slightly mineral-like and earthy. I have planted cauliflower from seed many times. It is a cool season vegetable, easiest to grow for harvest in theContinue reading “Marilyn’s Winter Soup”

Transient Cutlery & Rogue Utensils

Transient Cutlery Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant, bar or hotel can indulge me in my quest for tracking transient cutlery. Seriously, silverware travels in peculiar circles. I have monitored this for many years. It is truly a baffling phenomenon. Rogue utensils magically appear in cutlery bins all across the country. I haveContinue reading “Transient Cutlery & Rogue Utensils”

Snow is a Maritime Fact of Life!

Snow! A Maritime fact of life … We ‘get snow’ on oodles of knuckle gripping levels. We ‘get’ that it playfully chills us and it gleefully forces us to relinquish even the most detailed and organized plans of a well prepared day. Its mysterious ability to manifest our deepest, secret desire to play the everContinue reading “Snow is a Maritime Fact of Life!”

Valentine’s Day in the Hospitality Industry!

Valentine’s Day! ‘Twas the week before Valentine’s and all through the house, reservations were thought to have been made, but for sure, no one knows. Unlike any other ‘date of significance’ on the calendar year, the lead up to Valentine’s Day is a period of speculation, anticipation and secrecy. Birthdays of momentous value can evokeContinue reading “Valentine’s Day in the Hospitality Industry!”